Euler #13: Large Sum

The problem itself is very simple. One could even do it by hand. However, it’s tough to do with statically typed languages. Yet it’s a breeze with Python.

Euler #10: Summation of Primes

Adding up is fun. It’s even more fun when they’re primes. But, how do we find primes? We use sieves such as the Sieve of Atkin, which is implemented here.

Euler #6: Sum Square Difference

Students of math everywhere make this mistake. I know I’ve made it. Have you? You’d be a liar if you say no. The problem pokes gentle fun at this common error.

Euler #2: Even Fibonacci Numbers

The Fibonacci sequence pops up in surprising places, from rabbit breeding rates to sunflower seed arrangements. Some of its mysteries are unraveled herein.

Euler #1: Multiples of 3 and 5

Why code when you can sum? Although Project Euler aims to develop programming skills, their first problem doesn’t need it at all. Read more to find out how!