About Me

Call me Jeff.  I am Deaf.  I use ASL.  I have a wide variety of interests, from kayaking to computing.  I enjoy disc golf, traveling, crosswords, crocheting, but above all, I like learning about new stuff.  This website is a patchwork journal of what interests me.  It’s also a sandbox for me to try out new technologies.

My goal in life is to make meaningful contributions to science, which has fascinated me endlessly throughout my years.  My background is in biochemistry and bioinformatics.  That has placed me at a unique intersection of the sciences – one wet, one dry.  One’s in the lab and another is at the keyboard.

A lot of people are curious about how to communicate with Deaf people like me. ASL is my primary means of communication but I’m perfectly comfortable using other modes. For example, my hearing colleagues and I routinely light up our private Slack channels. It’s a convenient way of maintaining a record of our conversations! When I have to make phone calls, I use a video relay interpreting service such as Sorenson or Convo. A little bit of ASL goes a long way. For anyone interested to learn, I suggest starting with lifeprint.com and practicing the manual alphabet.