Pretend LMS

🎓 Assignments

Assignment 1: Animals

Assignment 2: Colors

Extra Credit

⚙️ Dev Notes

Any piece of state can be controlled from these deeplinks. A real LMS would call the LTI web API (not written yet) with user identity information. The LTI web API, which has knowledge of how the game app is structured, would respond with a deeplink. The LMS would then display that deeplink as an ordinary-looking link, like above.

Whenever users follow the deeplinks and interact with the game app, the game app would inform the LTI web API which in turn informs the LMS. So, after completing a deeplink, the results of that interaction could be displayed on the LMS. For example, the score.

⚠️ Caveats

  • The app must be installed on the same device
  • If you don’t run the app fully beforehand, these deeplinks will cause UI errors. This is due to not preloading assets, which will be implemented soon.