Goal: Allegheny-Ohio-Mississippi

From the dewy forests of the Allegheny to the salty marshes of the Gulf, this course promises a diverse array of Americana. If this plan comes to fruition, I would start in Salamanca, New York, the northernmost reach of the Allegheny River. After x miles and y locks, the Allegheny and the Monongahela Rivers join at Pittsburgh, forming the Ohio River.

One reason this course appeals to me is that I would get to ride the entirety of the Ohio River. I would get to make a stop at my hometown, Cincinnati and see the stadiums from the water. After x miles and y locks, I would arrive at Cairo, Illinois where the Ohio makes its tribute to the mighty Mississippi River.

The Mississippi is storied and steeped in lore, authored by the likes of Mark Twain. It would be interesting to straddle the line that once divided the country into West and East all the way down to Louisiana and the delta. This last portion consists of x miles and y locks.

All in all, this trip stretches over X whopping miles and steps down over Y locks. This is a big undertaking…probably bigger than thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. One question: how the heck will I bring my kayak back to Rochester? Much planning will be necessary. Proper prior preparation prevents piss poor performance!