I first kayaked when I was nine. Ever since, I have loved kayaking. In April 2020, I took the next step. I bought a 2019 Wilderness Systems Pungo 125, because it seemed like the ultimate solution in social distancing. As soon as I took to the water on my own kayak, I re-discovered my old love for kayaking.

One cool thing about kayaking is that it takes you to hidden vistas, inaccessible by foot or tire. Such vistas are sprinkled all over the world. Wouldn’t it be an intimate way to tour the country by kayaking its basins and waterways?

Collection is a natural impulse. Some people collect stamps. Some people are peakbaggers. They collect mountain peaks by hiking to the top of them. I prefer to collect bodies of water by paddling around them. It was only when I saddled my new Pungo that I realized I wanted to be a lakebagger.

Here’s a collection of posts depending on what exactly I’m “bagging” (or planning to). Right now, I’m working on the Finger Lakes.

Finger Lakes

Erie Canal